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Symposium “Visualization and Human-Computer” within the IRF’2009 Conference – Announce & Call for Papers


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Symposium on “Visualization and Human-Computer”
3rd International Conference on Integrity, Reliability & Failure
Faculty of Engineering, University of Porto, Porto – PORTUGAL, 20-24
July 2009

(We would appreciate if you could distribute this information by your
colleagues and co-workers.)


Dear Colleague,

Within the 3rd International Conference on Integrity, Reliability &
Failure (IRF’2009), to be held in FEUP, Porto, Portugal, in July
20-24, 2009, we are organizing the Symposium “Visualization and Human-
Examples of some topics that will be considered are: Scientific Data
Visualization, Spatial Data in Visualization, Data Processing and
Analysis, Information Visualization, Visualization Techniques, Large
Data Visualization, Image Processing and Analysis, Hardware for
Visualization, Human-Computer Interaction, Visual Analytics, Visual
Data Mining and Knowledge Discovery, Human Perception, Interface
Design, Evaluation and User Studies, Software Development, Grid and
High Performance Computing, Applications in Engineering, Biomechanics,
Bioinformatics, Bioimaging, Physical, Earth, Space, Environmental and
Information Sciences.
Due to your research activities in those fields, we would like to
invite you to submit your work and participate in the Symposium
“Visualization and Human-Computer”.

For instructions and submission, please access to the conference
website at:
Please note that, when submitting your work you should select the
Symposium #7 “Visualization and Human-Computer”.

Important dates:

- February 28, 2009: Deadline for abstract submission;
– March 21, 2009: Notification of abstract acceptance;
– May 10, 2009: Receipt of Full Papers;
– July 20-24, 2009: Conference Events.

Kind regards,

João Manuel R. S. Tavares (University of Porto, Portugal,
Renato Natal Jorge (University of Porto, Portugal, rna…
(Symposium organizers)

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Shouldn't the Numerical Results of The Following Two Integrals be the same ??


res1 = {intg [x1 to x2] f(u) dx} / (x2-x1)
res2 = {intg [u1 to u2] f(u) du} / (u2-u1)
u = g(x)
where f(u) and g(x) are nonlinear smooth functions.

The numerical results by the integrator appear to be inconclusive!!
Mind you it could be a rookie error on my part in using the
integrator. The results are not always the same depending on the
functions f(u) and g(x).
Your insight would be greatly appreciated.


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C.f.Industrial Pres., Reliable Software Technologies, Ada-Europe 2009


                   Call for Industrial Presentations

                    14th International Conference on
            Reliable Software Technologies – Ada-Europe 2009

                     8-12 June 2009, Brest, France

                        Organized by Ada-Europe,
                     in cooperation with ACM SIGAda

                *** DEADLINE Monday 12 JANUARY 2009 ***


General Information
The 14th International Conference on Reliable Software Technologies
(Ada-Europe 2009) will take place in Brest, France.  Following its
traditional style, the conference will span a full week, including
a three-day technical program and vendor exhibitions from Tuesday to
Thursday, along with parallel tutorials and workshops on Monday and

Call for Industrial Presentations
In addition to the usual Call for Papers, the conference also seeks
industrial presentations which may deliver value and insight, but do
not fit the selection process for regular papers.

  12 January 2009:  Submission of industrial presentation proposals
  09 February 2009: Notification to all authors
  11 May 2009:      Industrial presentations required
  8-12 June 2009:   Conference

Submission of Presentations
Authors of industrial presentations are invited to submit a short
overview (at least 1 page in size) of the proposed presentation to the
Conference Chair by 12 January 2009.  The Industrial Program Committee
will review the proposals and make the selection.

The authors of selected presentations shall prepare a final short
abstract and submit it to the Conference Chair by 11 May 2009, aiming
at a 20-minute talk.  The authors of accepted presentations will be
invited to derive articles from them for publication in the Ada User
Journal, which will host the proceedings of the Industrial Program of
the Conference.

Call for Exhibitions
Commercial exhibitions will span the three days of the main conference.
Vendors and providers of software products and services should contact
the Exhibition Chair for information and for allowing suitable planning
of the exhibition space and time.

Conference Topics
The conference has successfully established itself as an international
forum for providers, practitioners and researchers into reliable
software technologies.  The conference presentations will illustrate
current work in the theory and practice of the design, development and
maintenance of long-lived, high-quality software systems for a variety
of application domains.  The program will allow ample time for keynotes,
Q&A sessions, panel discussions and social events.  Participants will
include practitioners and researchers in representation from industry,
academia and government organizations active in the promotion and
development of reliable software technologies.  To mark the completion
of the Ada language standard revision process, contributions that
present and discuss the potential of the revised language are
particularly sought after.

Prospective contributions should address the topics of interest to the
conference, which include but are not limited to those listed below:

- Methods and Techniques for Software Development and Maintenance:
  Requirements Engineering, Object-Oriented Technologies, Model-driven
  Architecture and Engineering, Formal Methods, Re-engineering and
  Reverse Engineering, Reuse, Software Management Issues, Model

- Software Architectures: Design Patterns, Frameworks, Architecture-
  Centered Development, Component and Class Libraries, Component-based

- Enabling Technologies: Software Development Environments and Project
  Browsers, Compilers, Debuggers, Run-time Systems, Middleware

- Software Quality: Quality Management and Assurance, Risk Analysis,
  Program Analysis, Verification, Validation, Testing of Software

- Theory and Practice of High-integrity Systems: Real-Time,
  Distribution, Fault Tolerance, Security, Reliability, Trust and

- Embedded Systems: Architecture Modeling, Co-Design, Reliability and
  Performance Analysis.

- Mainstream and Emerging Applications: Multimedia and Communications,
  Manufacturing, Robotics, Avionics, Space, Health Care,

- Ada Language and Technology: Programming Techniques, Object-
  Orientation, Concurrent and Distributed Programming, Evaluation &
  Comparative Assessments, Critical Review of Language Features and
  Enhancements, Novel Support Technology, HW/SW Platforms.

- Experience Reports: Case Studies and Comparative Assessments,
  Management Approaches, Qualitative and Quantitative Metrics.

- Ada and Education: Where does Ada stand in the software engineering
  curriculum; how learning Ada serves the curriculum; what it takes to
  form a fluent Ada user; lessons learned on Education and Training
  Activities with bearing on any of the conference topics.

Ada-Europe will offer honorary awards for the best regular paper and
the best presentation.

Industrial Committee
  Guillem Bernat, Rapita Systems, UK
  Agusti Canals, CS, France
  Roderick Chapman, Praxis HIS, UK
  Colin Coates, Telelogic, UK
  Dirk Craeynest, Aubay Belgium & K.U.Leuven, Belgium
  Dirk Dickmanns, EADS, Germany
  Tony Elliston, Ellidiss Software, UK
  Franco Gasperoni, AdaCore, France
  Hubert Keller, Forschungszentrum Karlsruhe GmbH, Germany
  Bruce Lewis, US Army, USA
  Ahlan Marriott, White-Elephant GmbH, Switzerland
  Rei Stråhle, Saab Systems, Sweden

Conference Organization
Conference Chair
  Frank Singhoff, UBO/LISyC, France

Program Co-Chairs
  Yvon Kermarrec, Télécom Bretagne, France
  Fabrice Kordon, University Pierre & Marie Curie, France

Tutorial Chair
  Jérôme Hugues, Télécom Paris-Tech, France

Exhibition Chair
  Pierre Dissaux, Ellidiss Technologies

Publicity Chair
  Dirk Craeynest, Aubay Belgium & K.U.Leuven, Belgium

Local Chairs
  Alain Plantec and Mickael Kerboeuf, UBO/LISyC, France
  Alain.Plan… and Mickael.Kerbo…

CfIP in PDF format


Our apologies if you receive multiple copies of this announcement.
Please circulate widely.

Dirk.Craeyn…, Ada-Europe’2009 Publicity Chair

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Solutions Manuals for Sale

I have the following solutions manuals for sale.  Contact me at
cheapbook… to purchase.

Automatic Control Systems by Kuo 8th edition
Design of Machinery: An Introduction to the Synthesis and Analysis of
Mechanisms and Machines, Robert Norton 2007 4th edition
Engineering Circuit Analysis by William Hayt 7th edition
Essentials of Fluid Mechanics: Fundamentals and Applications by
Cimbala and Cengel
Fundamentals of Fluids Mechanics by Munson and Young 5th edition
Fundamentals of Heat And Mass Transfer by Incropera 6th edition
Fundamentals of Signals and Systems by M.J. Roberts
Heat And Mass Transfer: A Practical Approach by Cengel 3rd edition
Introduction to Chemical Engineering Thermodynamics by J.M. Smith 7th
Introduction to Fluid Mechanics by Alan McDonald and Robert Fox 6th
Mechanics of Fluids by Merle Potter 3rd edition
Mechanics of Materials by Beer 4th edition
Modern Control Systems by Dorf and Bishop 11th
System Dynamics by Ogata 4th edition
Theory and Design for Mechanical Measurements

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An exact 1-D limit challenge – 39 (Merry Christmas sin/cos, EllipticF/E)

Ho! Ho! Ho!  (<— stolen from Roman Pearce ;)

u := (1-sqrt(2))*(1-cos(z))/sin(z):
v := EllipticF(I*u, 3 + 2*sqrt(2)):
w := EllipticE(I*u, 3 + 2*sqrt(2)):

f := -I*(-2*I*sqrt(2)*cos(z)^3-2*I*cos(z)^3+2*I*sqrt(2)*cos(z)^2

                  limit(f, z = Pi, left);

( = -18.4455466264368280559709220470526933146161141646893858…)

Merry Christmas,

Vladimir Bondarenko

Co-founder, CEO, Mathematical Director  Cyber Tester Ltd.


"We must understand that technologies
like these are the way of the future."


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مديرية الأمن العام تفتح باب القبول والتسجيل لخريجي الثانوية

مديرية الأمن العام تفتح باب القبول والتسجيل لخريجي الثانوية

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I Isaac Newton,《With Israel nation in Western Europe during the nation》

This should be my last time in the voice of Radio Free Asia, the
following information than the "Dead Sea Scrolls," found that the more
important, I have no doubt that the existence of a harbinger, allow me
to get well prepared for the rapidly after the finish. I Birth to
death as early as 500 years ago was full of prophecy, I do not think I
have the ability to say here’s a lie. Prophet predicted that the major
Israeli history has occurred, they have all been in me all come true,
I really Is that all Jews have been waiting for the Messiah, Jesus the
son of evil aliens to take my name came to the use of high technology
to deceive all the people, so that the Jewish nation cast a
unredressed injustice, which as early as before Christ Written on
"after the Bible Code" in the. I have never been a Christian, I do not
believe in Jesus has always been, I am not a Muslim, I never Jiubu Xin
Mohammed. I was discriminated against Jews because they Offended God,
God abandoned the law in the near future to become the king of the
Jews and I certainly will be in accordance with God’s will you come
back to correct. I like the psychological and moral England with a
person exactly the same, but it is in the soul The result, it is
entirely in religious beliefs other than. Jesus, Muhammad two big liar
distorts the image of God and humanity and the contract, God is never
to use intermediaries, God is there is no body of the supernatural
With the strength of a miracle. Likely in the near future I am going
to be a prophet, a great scholar and the king. I really was, "Old
Testament" and "all of the century" and "John Apocalypse" and "after
the Bible Code" by Prophecy, the prophets also predicted that in the
future since ancient times to no one’s reputation can be compared with
me. Israel’s many prophets have long predicted that the metaphorical
to my life, the people of Israel, and so I surpass the 3000 , Who in
the end I up to now, these four books, as predicted by the can, for my
safety, I can only tell you all come true in me, and I was "all
century," predicted that into the grave again To the people,
therefore, have to say that my life is totally your year. Prophets of
Israel is usually around things metaphorical familiar with the way God
communicated to us in the "Old Testament" by the book To see things
are metaphorical. "Dead Sea Scrolls," predicted that the Messiah is a
very strong power of the Messiah, the facts have proven that Jesus is
only so-called alien made out of a God, is Without thinking of the so-
called alien in accordance with the literal interpretation of the
creation of a big liar, by the so-called Virgin born and the bar is a
serious departure from the hands and feet, "the Dead Sea Scrolls", the
so-called Christ’s true, "the Dead Sea Scrolls," predicted In fact
metaphorical point to me, I will explain to you to listen to; in the
"Dead Sea Scrolls," predicted that will lead to all of the Jewish king
was referring to me, "Ma predicted to spend" is the so-called The
alien masterpiece, "John Apocalypse," the authors we will never know
his true identity, but he must not believe Jesus was a Jewish prophet,
he is not written in Jesus before. In addition to the "John Apocalypse
"," New "is not credible, it repeats the" Dead Sea Scrolls, "a lot of
content, should be" John Apocalypse "and" all of the century "and"
Where Paul Huang predicted that the first "into the" Dead Sea Scrolls,
"will be composed of books that they can be referred to as" the Bible.
"Maya from the books, I think the so-called ancient alien is subject
to the punishment of God, fled to the vicinity of the Earth, large-
scale can not breed, can not be Re-adapt to the environments of the
Earth’s ancient humans, they must be back at the Earth from time to
time to supply the needs of the Earth is the only supplies they
needed, the extinction of species on Earth, they can not survive; it
is not human They are the so-called build-out. Darwin once said, as
long as there is a discovery of biological evolution in the body can
not get the small parts, then his theory of evolution completely
bankrupt, modern science has proven that the theory of evolution is
wrong. Indeed, human Is created by God, God is there is no physical
force and the supernatural miracle, because God promised in the
universe formed a protein component, to land on Earth, to have had a
wonderful variety of biological machine, and then miraculously To
produce a variety of species of DNA, culminating in a variety of
species; As this is miraculous, I can assure you that life on Earth in
the universe is indeed unique. Reference from the Falun Gong cult
"Toru save the world poem". "Zhu century" in a poem: "After 500 years
of attention to the people of the world, his presence is an honor that
era, the great moment of inspiration in the emergence of the century
with the people who have been great to meet. "Now that I do in the
full do not know of any predictions that I said to you in the end who,
while a few months later I found that as early as in a long time ago
and I have long predicted would be his own regeneration, and all of my
life long ago In my records, as defined under the "Bible". Appearance
from the point of view, I would definitely not a personal copy, I met
the teachings of Judaism, I was absolutely out at the so-called alien
unexpected. I advocate "Fate by the day, into the subject," predicted
the existence of what I did not constitute any impact. I just did not
say what, in a long time ago I spent more than 50 years, to break the
"Old Testament" and All the prophets predicted, I lost the memory of
the past, now I really do not know what I写了些什么, I finally know that I
was his, which took place from me as a miracle, and this Long hidden
miracle in my writing, as defined under the "Bible", I will explain to
you listen to, no one is better qualified than I see before me in the
end写了些什么, I think, actually Adopted did not dare open a large number
of these books, the Vatican’s religious leaders have long known but
Jesus was a liar and who I am. There is no doubt that faith in God is
my whole life, in accordance with the "Old Testament" And so on, as
provided for in the book of God, the Jews must enact cream for my King
of the Jews, I have to be in accordance with God to the people of
Israel to come back to correct; I am really looking forward to is that
the Jews have been the Messiah, I must abide by God’s will A strong
Israel, all without leaving a Muslim expelled from the Palestinian
land, and lead you to the upcoming terrorist deal with a major
 More than in October 7, 2008 in the world can listen to, but I was
referring to Chinese, and with very large disturbance, as will be your
king, who will have no power over the content does not Open,Otherwise,
my father, the Lord God will punish him, I have to "Easter" in his
capacity as the revived.

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This is not a joke, I really Isaac Newton!I am the Messiah!

Century IIII.56
After the victory of the raving tongue,
The spirit tempered in tranquillity and repose:
Throughout the conflict the bloody victor makes orations,
Roasting the tongue and the flesh and the bones.

"Isla second book," recorded in the records relating to predict the
future of humanity: "When the Earth’s population increased to an
extent, we will re-emergence of crisis, people began to change not
piety. As a result of their selfish desires into The source of evil,
from the urgent need for them to select one person, his name is
Abraham, to be alone in the middle of the night when he informed the
world at a time when the end. Capsized day of God, shock and shake the
world, shocked the depths of the water, confuse the current situation.
4 is the glory of God the door, that is, through the fire (the fire),
seismic (earth), wind (gas) and the ice gate (water). "Which also
records:" Gone will be the world’s sealed, they can see these signs .
Scrolls in the air to start, everyone looked at it. "

I am the voice of Radio Free Asia to overcome the evil of the "city of

Century II.46
After great trouble for humanity, a greater one is prepared,
The Great Mover renews the ages.
Rain, blood, milk, famine, steel and plague,
Is the heavens fire seen, a long spark running.

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